We focus on helping clients smoothly navigate complex litigation. Through decades of experience, we’ve learned that our success comes by combining rigor and compassion. It’s why we pride ourselves on our distinctive combination of exceptionally thorough case management, and attentive client collaboration.

Whether negotiating multi-billion-dollar global resolutions or addressing individual claims, we prioritize client needs to arrive at the best possible outcomes.


Unique dedication to the details.

Skikos, Crawford, Skikos & Joseph LLP is one of the nation’s leading mass tort litigation firms.


We use our experience wisely.

When cases expand across multiple jurisdictions and include hundreds, if not thousands, of plaintiffs, we ensure clients suffering from catastrophic loss and injury receive the support they need, and the results they deserve.


Case by case, we’ve earned our leadership appointments.

True leaders are not judged solely on the results they achieve, but also the reputation they establish with those whom are most critical of their success.


If the result really matters to you, so should your choice of law firm.

No one enters into a potentially long and tiring legal process without believing they deserve an equitable result.