Many litigations we work on are coordinated nationally in the federal courts and on a statewide basis before a single judge for investigation, discovery, and pre-trial work, before being sent back to their home jurisdictions for trial. The federal procedure for consolidating complex civil cases involving one or more common questions of fact is called a Multidistrict litigation (MDL). Several state courts have similar procedures. For example, in California they are called Judicial Council Coordinated Proceedings (JCCP). These procedures are designed to streamline the litigation process and avoid the problems posed by inconsistent rulings being issued by different courts. While similar to class action lawsuits, each lawsuit consolidated into a coordinated proceeding remains active and the merits are decided on an individual basis.

Our firm takes pride in an unmatched record of leadership in mass tort cases. We have earned our distinguished reputation based on integrity in the law and dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

The following court-appointed positions are among those held by members of our firm:

  • Ephedra [MDL No. 1598]: Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee
  • Gadolinium [MDL No. 1909]: Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee and Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee
  • DePuy ASR [MDL No. 2197]: Co-Lead Counsel
  • National Opioid Litigation [MDL No. 2804]: Co-Liaison Counsel
  • Ortho Evra [MDL No. 1742]: Liaison Counsel and Court-Appointed Mediator
  • Rezulin [MDL No. 1348]: Science and Expert Committee
  • Yaz/Yasmin/Ocella [MDL No. 2100]: State-Federal Liaison Counsel
  • Actos [JCCP No. 4696]: Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee
  • Baycol [JCCP Nos. 4217 and 4223]: Plaintiffs’ Liaison Counsel
  • California North Bay Fires [JCCP No. 4955]: Plaintiffs’ Co-Liaison Counsel and Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee
  • Fosamax [JCCP No. 4644]: Co-Lead Counsel and Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee
  • Gadolinium [JCCP No. 4546]: Plaintiffs’ Liaison Counsel
  • DePuy ASR [JCCP No. 4649]: Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee
  • Metabolife [JCCP No. 4360]: Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee and Plaintiffs’ Liaison Counsel
  • Ortho Evra [JCCP No. 4506]: Plaintiffs’ Liaison Counsel
  • PPA [JCCP No. 4166]: Plaintiffs’ Co-Liaison Counsel
  • Reglan [JCCP No. 4631]: Plaintiffs’ Liaison Counsel
  • Rezulin [JCCP 4122]: Plaintiffs’ Liaison Counsel
  • Risperdal [JCCP No. 4775]: Plaintiffs’ Co-Liaison Counsel
  • Talcum Powder [JCCP No. 4872]: Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee
  • Toyota Motor Cases [JCCP No. 4621]: Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee
  • Trasylol [JCCP No. 4593]: Plaintiffs’ Lead Counsel
  • Vioxx [JCCP No. 4247]: Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee
  • Yaz/Yasmin/Ocella [JCCP No. 4608]: Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee and Co-Liaison Counsel
  • Zoloft [JCCP No. 4621]: Plaintiffs’ Co-Liaison Counsel
  • Ephedra [05-06040-H11]: Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors for the United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of California, Ch. 11
  • New England Compounding Pharmacy [12-19882]: Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors for the United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Massachusetts, Ch. 11