Recent California wildfires have ravaged the state, leading to loss of property, injury, and even loss of life.

Skikos, Crawford, Skikos & Joseph LLP is headquartered in Northern California, with offices in San Francisco and Santa Rosa. As residents who have seen how recent wildfires impacted our families, friends, and neighbors, we’re passionate about helping people recover from these disasters.

Investigations are Ongoing

In October 2017, wildfires roared through Northern California. Cal Fire has recently determined that PG&E bears significant responsibility for much of the destruction in the North Bay Fires. Improper maintenance of PG&E utility equipment and neglect of surrounding vegetation were at the root of a system-wide failure.

Coordinated Proceedings

People who suffered property damage or personal injuries now have an opportunity to file claims that will hold PG&E accountable for their losses. A Judicial Council Coordination Proceeding (JCCP) has been created to account for all individual homeowner, business, and personal injury claims against PG&E.

Recovering from Cathastrophe

We are skilled in complex matters, built through decades of experience with high-value, multi-litigant cases.
We’re recognized by clients and the courts as leaders in complex litigation such as JCCPs. Not only are we representing clients within the California North Bay Fire Cases JCCP, Skikos, Crawford, Skikos & Joseph LLP founding partner Steve Skikos was appointed as Plaintiffs’ Co-Liaison Counsel in the matter. As part of a team managing the JCCP, his responsibilities include acting as a connection between the court and all plaintiffs’ counsel. Greg Skikos and Matthew Skikos are members of the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee.